William George Angell

William George Angell was born in Wilcannia NSW in 1882.

He would have been around 8 years of age when with his parents, brothers and sisters, the family took up residence in Tibooburra.

William married Jessie L Kuerschner in Tibooburra in 1908.

They had 6 children.
Allan William
Colin Lewis
Victor E
Milton Keith
Sylvia M 

William and his two brothers, John and Alexander,were known as Angell Bros. They were tank sinkers on Yandama Stn. Yandama was a huge property, extending from the Tibooburra common westward to the South Australian border and from Cameron’s corner to Quinyambie to the south.

William George Angell died, aged 74, in Broken Hill on 8th June 1957

Calendar of Events

• 1882 William George Angell born Wilcannia NSW
• 1890 Family moved to reside in Tibooburra NSW
• 1908 Married Jessie Louisa Kuerschner Tibooburra NSW
• 1909 Allan William born Tibooburra NSW
• 1912 Colin Lewis born Tibooburra NSW
• 1915? Victor E born Tibooburra NSW (Died the same year)
• 1920 Milton Keith born Tibooburra NSW
• 1922 Jack born Tibooburra NSW
• 1927? Sylvia born Tibooburra NSW (Died the same year)
• 1957 William George died Broken Hill NSW aged 74 years

William George Angell is buried in Tibooburra NSW


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