The Search and how it all began

It was "internet" boredom that began the search for my family genealogy.

My first action was to type in the name of our station Binerah Downs into the Internet Explorer address bar just in fun. I was surprised to find that the station was listed on a number of sites including one from the UK that actually showed a map of how to get there.

This led me to type in my family name and to my surprise page after page came up with links to Angell family websites and more particularly to genealogy sites. I visited a number of the genealogy sites only to find that most of them focused on the American side of the Angells. I then opened the link to where I found information regarding the English side of the family.

I read a number of topics in the GenForum on the site and discovered that two brothers emigrated to Australia one at the end of 1849 and the other in the mid 1850's. A link here took me to Barb Angells site where it seemed to me that her line was somehow related to our line. As it turns out, Barb Angells Great Great Grandfather, William was the brother of our Great Great Grandfather John.

Based on known first names in the family line, our father being Allan William and his father being William George I was working on the theory that second names would relate to the forebears first name. I began to link back and found a George Angell who was born in Unley SA in 1853. The name and date suggested that it could well be our Great Great Grandfather. Further searching of the Genforum continued and this took some time as the amount of inquiries listed on the site is enormous. One other problem was that so many members of the family had the same christian names, yet different parents that it made following the lines difficult.

As it turned out an even older brother came to light by the name of John William who was born just days after arriving in Unley in 1849. It is this predecessor who was to become the link to our past, my Great Great Grandfather and the first born "Australian" member of the Angell family.

I found a message on the forum that relayed some information given by our mother, Merle, from back in the 1960's when the search for an heir to the Angells millions was taking place. This led me to speaking to our mother who was able to confirm quite a lot of the information that I had pieced together and at the same time fill in some gaps that were missing on the Australian side of the family. 

The records I have listed on the Angell's prior to their arrival in Australia, have been very kindly provided by Beryl Angell in England who had already researched the Angells in Calne and is still, today, researching the family.
Many thanks to Beryl for her help that allowed me to compile the family tree and put this site together. 

Of course, the search continues and the project of writing the history will never be completed. However, I would like to hear from you with what ever information you can provide on your family if you are in some way related to the Angells in Australia.

For anyone living in Adelaide I would particularly like to hear from you and if possible, obtain photographs of members of the family you may have in your own collections and also photographs of any headstones or grave sites that may be found at Unley cemetery relating to the family members as I believe a number of them would have been buried there.

The search further led me to find some information on Calne and the English county, Wiltshire. Wiltshire is where you will find the famous "Stonehenge". To discover some of the history of Calne you can visit these sites;

Continuing the Search
Here in the mortal world the search for the family history continues and it can only continue with input from living family members.

Some may well know the answers to the questions that continually run through my mind and they consist of how, why and when. These questions keep me awake at night and can only be answered by family members who are still alive today.

These questions are something that I hope that in time, answer's will be forth coming.

My own thirst for our family history is such that I am virtually at the point in this search where if I could be sure I could visit and return from the "other side" and knowing that I would meet up with all my ancestors to complete the family history, I would travel there and meet with them in order to get the all the answers and stories they have to offer.

I really need the when? how? and why? questions answered to satisfy my need for the knowledge of our family history.

I would love to hear first hand, each descendants own story and be allowed to print it here for all to read as well as finding out for myself, just how close I am to reporting the history of the family as I see it.

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