John Angell

John Angell born 1830 Calne, England died 14 Apr 1904 Adelaide SA.

John Angell arrived in Unley with his wife Mary and a 3 year old child named Henry, aboard the “Duke of Wellington” on 7th November 1849 and settled in Unley a suburb of Adelaide SA.
Henry was John’s half brother and nephew as a result of John’s father marrying Mary’s sister after the death of John’s mother.

John and Mary had a son who died before they left England;
William – 1.4.1849 buried 23.6.1849 (UK)

The following children were born to John and Mary after their arrival in Australia,

1: John William born 1849 in UNLEY, SA (Our Great Grandfather)
2: George born 1853 in UNLEY, SA
3: Charles born 1855 in UNLEY, SA
4: Mary Ann born 1858 at UNLEY, SA
5: Elizabeth born 1867 presumably at UNLEY, SA

Not a lot is known about the family during their time in South Australia and I am endeavouring to find out as much as I possibly can about this part of our history..

Since the arrival of John Angell there have been six generations of the family and currently, four generations of the Angell family still living in Australia and two generations living in Scotland.

I have my own family history on John William and his descendants which can be found throughout this site. I also have information on Charles which can be found in detail at Searle Family History

I have no idea what happened to Henry, George, Mary Ann and Elizabeth however I am continually searching for information which I hope one day to be able to record here.

If you the visitor, have any information that you feel may be of help to me then please email me at the address below.

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