Generations of Angells

First Generation.

(G16) Roger of Angelli Born 1460 Peakirk, Northamptonshire
Spouse: Judith Born 1465 Died 1490
(Note: The first generation to drop the "i" from the name Angelli to begin the Angell name and history of our ancestery.)

*Robert Angell - b1490 - d1568

Second Generation

 (G15) Robert Angell Born 1490, Peakirk, Northamptonshire Died 1568
Spouse: (1) Joan Born 1498 Married 1519
Spouse: (2) Margaret born 1494 Married 1550

*Thomas Angell - b1509 - d1581
Joan Angell - b1521
Audrey Angell - b1522
Alice Angell - b1523

Third Generation

(G14) Thomas Angell Born 1509 Died 1581 Peakirk, Northamptonshire
Spouse: Anne Harby Born 1513 Died 1586

*Robert - b1531 - d1610
Thomas - b1537
William - b1562 - d1629

Fourth Generation

(G12) Robert Angell Born 1531 Died 1610 Peakirk, Northamptonshire
Spouse: Rebecca Smith Born 1556 Died 1606

*Robert Angell - b1575 - d1628

Fifth Generation

(G11) Robert Angell Born 1575 Died 1628 Peakirk, Northamptonshire
Spouse: Margaret Edens Born 1575

*Robert Angell - b1601

Sixth Generation

(G10) Robert Angell Born 1601 Bremhill Wiltshire
Spouse: Joanne Crawley

*Andrew Angell - b1629

Seventh Generation

(G9) Andrew Angell Born 1629 Calne Wilshire
Spouse: unknown.

*Andrew Angell - b1649

Eighth Generation

(G8) Andrew Angell Born 1649 Calne Wiltshire
Spouse: Lucie Martin 1659

*John Angell - b1672


Ninth Generation

1. John ANGELL.

On 26.4.1697 John married Elizabeth WILLIAMS, in Calne Wiltshire.

They had the following children:
2 i. Andrew (1698-)
ii. Robert (Died as Child). Born on 8.9.1701. Robert died on 14.4/5.1704, he was 2.
iii. John. Born on 24.6.1703.
3 iv. Robert (1705-)
v. Sarah. Born on 31.1.1708.

Tenth Generation

2. Andrew ANGELL. Born on 10.2.1698.

On 7.11.1720 when Andrew was 22, he married Mary BURGESS.

They had the following children:
i. John. Born on 9.3.1721.
ii. Mary (Died as Infant). Born on 3.6.1722. Mary died on 19.9.1724, she was 2.
iii. Robert. Born on 16.1.1725.
iv. Thomas (Died as Child). Born on 12.4.1728. Thomas died on 1.5.1742, he was 14.
v. Johnathon. Born on 23.3.1730.
vi. Andrew. Born on 4.2.1733.
vii. William. Born on 5.7.1736.
viii. Mary. Born on 28.9.1739.
4 ix. Thomas (1742-)

3. Robert ANGELL. Born on 13.8.1705.

On 28.9.1728 when Robert was 23, he married Sarah WEBB, in Calne Wiltshire.

They had the following children:
i. Anne. Born on 28.2.1729.
ii. Mary. Born on 8.3.1732.
iii. John (1735-)
iv. Jane. Born on 22.10.1737.

Eleventh Generation

4. Thomas ANGELL. Born on 1.10.1742.

On 5.8.1764 when Thomas was 21, he married Anne FOWLER.

They had the following children:
i. Robert. Born on 5.10.1764.
ii. William. Born on 14.1.1770.
6 iii. Joseph (1772-1802)
iv. Johnathon. Born on 25.12.1775.
v. John (Died as Infant). Born on 6.3.1778. John died on 12.7.1778.

5. John ANGELL. Born on 2.5.1735.

On 3.9.1759 when John was 24, he married Patience DUCK, in Calne Wiltshire.

They had the following children:
i. Isaac. Born on 25.7.1760. Isaac died on 27.10.1839, he was 79.
ii. Mary. Born on 7.5.1762.
iii. Sarah. Born on 27.1.1765.
7 iv. John (1767-)
v. Patience. Born on 22.12.1771.
vi. Ann. Born on 13.4.1774.
vii. Betty. Born on 19.3.1778.


Twelth Generation

6. Joseph ANGELL. Born on 23.6.1772. Joseph died on 12.9.1802, he was 30.

On 25.8.1793 when Joseph was 21, he married Ruth RICHENS.

They had the following children:
i. Thomas (Died as Child). Thomas died on 8.1.1796.
ii. Thomas. Born on 3.12.1798.
iii. William. Born on 14.4.1800.

7. John ANGELL. Born on 15.9.1767.

On 21.2.1790 when John was 22, he married Anne SMITH, in Calne Wiltshire.

They had the following children:
i. William (Died as Child). Born on 14.11.1790. William died in 1794, he was 3.
ii. Anne. Born on 10.12.1791.
iii. Mary. Born on 15.2.1793.
iv. Patience. Born on 15.11.1794.

8 v. William (1797-)
vi. Elizabeth (Died as Infant). Born on 13.2.1800. Elizabeth died on 29.6.1800.
vii. Robert. Born on 2.6.1801.
viii. Elizabeth. Born on 26.10.1803.
ix. Henry. Born on 27.7.1809.

Thirteenth Generation

8. William ANGELL. Born on 27.12.1797. Occupation: Agricultural Labourer.

On 12.2.1827 when William was 29, he married Mary Hawkins, in Calne Wiltshire. Born in 1800.

They had the following children:
i. Harriet. Born on 29.7.1827 in Calne Wiltshire. Harriet died in Calne Wiltshire on 21.11.1836, she was 9.
ii. John. Born in 1830 in Calne Wiltshire.
9 iii. William (1831-1875)
iv. George. Born on 19.2.1836 in Calne Wiltshire. Occupation: Agricultural Labourer.
v. Sarah. Born in 1838 in Calne Wiltshire.
vi. Mary Ann. Born on 20.9.1840 in Calne Wiltshire.

The following descendants were born during Williams second marriage to Rachel Hawkins, sister of John's wife Mary. Mary died in 1940 possibly due to complications during the birth of Mary Ann (vi)

vii. Robert. Born on 29.7.1842 in Calne Wiltshire.
viii Sarah (twin of Robert)
(Both Robert and Sarah (twins) are believed to have died in a house fire.
ix Ruth - born 1844
x Henry - born 1846
(Henry accompanied John and Mary to Australia in 1849)


Fourteenth Generation

The following generation follows that of William Angell, brother of our Great Great Grandfather John.

9. William ANGELL. Born on 1.7.1831 in Calne Wiltshire. William died in Kew on 18.5.1875, he was 43. Buried on 21.5.1875 in Kew. Occupation: Agricultural Labourer.

On 6.3.1855 when William was 23, he married Emma WELLINGS, in Adelaide. Born in 0.0.1831 in London Middlesex. Emma died in Kew on 3.8.1901, she was 70.

They had the following children:
10 i. Alice (1856-1936)
11 ii. Emma (1857-1940)
12 iii.Mary (1859-1906)
13 iv. William (1861-1908)
14 v. Jane (1863-1913)
vi. Ann (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1864 in Kew. Ann died in Kew in 0.0.1867, she was 3.
vii.Henry (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1866 in Kew. Henry died in Kew in 0.0.1867, he was 1.
viii.Johnathon. Born in 0.0.1868 in Melbourne.

In 0.0.1895 when Johnathon was 27, he married Elizabeth BROWN. Born in Doncaster.

15 ix. Annie (1870-)
x. Louisa. Born in S.A. Louisa died in 0.0.1872 in Melbourne.
xi. Susan. Born in 0.0.1872 in Melbourne.
xii. Maria (Died as Child). Born in 0.0.1873 in Melbourne North. Maria died in Kew on 9.11.1883, she was 10. Buried in Kew.


Fifteenth Generation (First Generation of William Angell Australia)

10. Alice ANGELL. Born on 4.8.1856 in Unley S.A. Alice died in Kew on 18.9.1936, she was 80. Buried in Kew.

In 0.0.1876 when Alice was 19, she married William ATKINS, son of George ATKINS & Martha TOWNSEND. Born in 0.0.1848 in Collingwood. William died in Kew on 25.3.1925, he was 77.

They had the following children:
16 i. William (1877-1942)
17 ii. George (1878-1963)
18 iii. Alice May (1880-1953)
iv. Lily Mary. Born in 0.0.1882 in Kew.
v. Thomas (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1883 in Kew. Thomas died in 0.0.1883 in Kew.
vi. Percy. Born in 0.0.1884 in Kew. Percy died in Auburn on 28.4.1947, he was 63. Buried on 29.4.1947 in Kew.
vii. Arthur John. Born in 0.0.1887 in Kew.
viii. Violet. Born in 0.0.1889 in Kew. Violet died in Surrey Hills in 0.0.1963, she was 74.

In 0.0.1920 when Violet was 31, she first married Johnathon COE.

Violet second married BROWN.
ix. Olive Maria. Born in 0.0.1891 in Kew.

In 0.0.1914 when Olive Maria was 23, she married George Thomas ROWLANDS.

x. Stanley James. Born in 0.0.1893 in Kew. Stanley James died in France on 9.8.1918, he was 25. Occupation: Soldier.
19 xi. Ivy Maude (1895-1968)
xii. Myrtle Evelyn. Born in 0.0.1897 in Kew.

In 0.0.1920 when Myrtle Evelyn was 23, she married Henry CLARK.

xiii. Daisy Vera. Born in 0.0.1901 in Kew.

11. Emma ANGELL. Born on 4.9.1857 in Unley Adelaide. Emma died in Heidelberg on 24.3.1940, she was 82. Buried on 25.3.1940 in Kew. Occupation: Home Duties.

In 0.0.1878 when Emma was 20, she married Thomas Henry KIRBY, son of William Henry KIRBY & Hannah FRANCOMBE, in Portland. Born on 2.6.1853 in Portland. Thomas Henry died in Pahran on 16.1.1930, he was 76.

They had the following children:
20 i. Harry Thomas (1878-1947)
21 ii. Frederick William (1880-1969)
iii. Ethel. Born on 20.12.1882 in Kew. Ethel died in Semaphore S.A on 28.6.1959, she was 76.

On 24.12.1908 when Ethel was 26, she married Edward George PAGE, son of John PAGE & Eliza Lucy EDWARDS, in Rosewater S.A. Born on 21.1.1882 in Alberton S.A. Edward George died in Eastwood S.A on 11.8.1959, he was 77.

22 iv. Florence (1883-1971)
23 v. Leslie (1885-1952)
24 vi. May (1887-1957)
25 vii. Harold (1889-1948)
26 viii. Emma (1892-1965)
27 ix. Alice (1894-1982)
x. Horace. Born on 6.3.1896. Horace died in France on 23.8.1918, she was 22. Buried in Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery, Somme, France. Occupation: Soldier, Company Quatermaster Serjeant.
xi. George. Born on 5.3.1900. George died on 7.3.1900.

12. Mary ANGELL. Born on 8.7.1859 in Unley S.A. Mary died in 0.10.1906, she was 47. Buried on 9.10.1906 in Kew. Occupation: Servant.

On 22.6.1881 when Mary was 21, she married James CATTON, son of Thomas CATTON & Norah RYAN, in Fitzroy. Born on 4.10.1858 in New Norfolk, Tasmania. James died in Melbourne in 0.3.1914, he was 55.

They had the following children:
28 i. Emma (1882-1970)
29 ii. William Henry (1884-1919)
30 iii. Annie (1886-1972)
iv. Frederick John. Born in 0.0.1888 in Kew. Frederick John died in Caulfield on 4.11.1955, he was 67. Buried on 7.11.1955 in Kew. Occupation: Labourer.

Frederick John married Caroline Amy NICOL, daughter of Joseph NICOL & Carol WAKEFIELD. Born in 0.0.1892 in Dunkeld. Caroline Amy died in Fitzroy on 7.7.1962, she was 70.

31 v. James Thomas (1891-1917)
vi. Alice Mary. Born in 0.0.1893 in Kew. Alice Mary died in Carlton in 0.0.1906, she was 13.
32 vii. Charles Francis (1895-1970)
viii. Walter Baden. Born in 0.0.1900 in Kew. Walter Baden died in Bendigo in 0.0.1926, he was 26.
33 ix. Royal Stanley (1902-1981)
x. Sydney Angell. Born in 0.0.1902 in Kew.

In 0.0.1923 when Sydney Angell was 21, he married Hilda Ruby MULLER, daughter of Frederick MULLER & Johanna Augusta STURTZ. Born in 0.0.1898 in Nhill.

13. William ANGELL. Born in 0.0.1861 in Kew. William died in Kew on 7.8.1908, he was 47. Occupation: Labourer.

In 0.0.1884 when William was 23, he married Barbara Ellen RHODES, daughter of John RHODES & Ellen PUNCH, in Kew. Born in 0.0.1865 in West Melbourne. Barbara Ellen died in Brighton East on 23.8.1947, she was 82.

They had the following children:
i. Edith Frances Mary (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1884 in Kew. Edith Frances Mary died in Caulfield in 0.0.1886, she was 2.
ii. Johnathon Robert (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1887 in Carlton. Johnathon Robert died in Carlton in 0.0.1891, he was 4.
iii. William Franklin (Died as Child). Born in 0.0.1887 in Kew. William Franklin died in Kew on 12.1.1902, he was 15.
34 iv. Constance Ellen (1889-1961)
v. Robert Johnathon (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1891 in Kew. Robert Johnathon died in 0.0.1891 in Carlton.
vi. Harry Stanley. Born in 0.0.1892 in Kew.
vii. Francis Violet. Born in 0.0.1896 in Kew.

In 0.0.1922 when Francis Violet was 26, she married Albert ATKINS.

35 viii. Daisy Irene (1898-1996)
36 ix. Lilian Grace (1898-)
37 x. Barbara May (1901-)
xi. Eileen Maude. Born in 0.0.1903 in Kew.
38 xii. James Norman (1905-)
xiii. Gladys Marjorie. Born in 0.0.1908 in Kew.

14. Jane ANGELL. Born in 0.0.1863 in Kew. Jane died in Kew in 0.0.1913, she was 50.

In 0.0.1883 when Jane was 20, she married George William GIDDENS, son of William GIDDENS & Mary EVANS. Born on 17.3.1862 in Kew. George William died in M'Tel in 0.0.1919, he was 56.

They had the following children:
i. Rohda. Born in 0.0.1883 in Kew. Rohda died in Kew in 0.0.1922, she was 39.
39 ii. Edith Maude (1885-1961)
iii. Rubina May (Died as Infant). Born in 0.0.1887 in Kew. Rubina May died in Kew in 0.0.1888, she was 1.
iv. George William. Born in 0.0.1889 in Kew. George William died in Burwood in 0.0.1972, he was 83.
40 v. Ivy May (1891-1977)
vi. John Henry (User-Defined 1). Born in 0.0.1893 in Kew. John Henry died in Melbourne East in 0.0.1910, he was 17.
41 vii. Roy (1897-1975)
viii. Leslie Angell. Born in 0.0.1898 in Kew.
ix. Clifford. Born in 0.0.1900 in Kew.
42 x. Hazel (1902-1984)
43 xi. Olive (1905-1972)

15. Annie ANGELL. Born in 0.0.1870 in Melbourne.

In 0.0.1899 when Annie was 29, she married Alex James WILSON.

They had the following children:
i. Alex Jack. Born in 0.0.1900 in Richmond.
ii. William Henry. Born in 0.0.1902 in Kew.
iii. Marjorie. Born in 0.0.1908 in Hawthorn.


Fifteenth Generation (First Generation of John Angell Australia)

The following generations follow that of our Great Grandfather John Angell

John Angell and Mary Ann Seymour married at 'The Parish Church of Calne' and had the following children:

1: William – 1.4.1849 buried 23.6.1849 (UK)
2: John William born 1849 in UNLEY, SA - Died 1929 Tibooburra
3: George born 1853 in UNLEY, SA
4: Charles born 1855 in UNLEY, SA
5: Mary Ann born 1858 at UNLEY, SA
6: Elizabeth born 1867 presumably at UNLEY, SA.

John Angell married Christina Middleton and they had the following children:

1: Esther Emily Born 1879 Wilcannia NSW Died Wilcannia 1879
2: John Thomas Born 1880 Wilcannia NSW Died Tibooburra 1958
3: William George Born 1882 Wilcannia NSW Died 1957 Broken Hill NSW
4: Margaret A Born 1885 Wilcannia NSW Died 1890 Tibooburra NSW
5: Alexander Born 1888 Milparinka NSW Died 1928 Broken Hill NSW
6: Ima M Born 1890 Tibooburra NSW
7: Edith M Born 1894 Tibooburra NSW
8: Henry Born 1896 Died 1896 Tibooburra NSW
9: Ernest B Born 1897 Tibooburra NSW


Second Generation (William George Angell)

William married Jessie L Keurschner in Tibooburra in 1908 and they had the following children:

1: Allan William born Tibooburra NSW 25/11/1909 Died Broken Hill 25/11/1987
2: Colin Lewis born 1912 Died Broken Hill 1/10/1989
3: Victor E Died 1915
4: Milton Keith Born 1920 died Wellington NSW 15/2/2004
5: Jack born 1923 died Broken Hill 2011
6: Sylvia (died in childhood) Buried in Unley SA

Third Generation (Allan William Angell)

Allan Angell married Stella Merle Golding and they had the following children:

1: Brian Allan born 30.7.1947 Died 9.5.1964
2: Judith Louise born 1.12.1949
3: Rodney John born 25.1.51
4: Heather Margaret born 31.3.1952
5: Pamela Jean born 10.2.1954
6: Larry Vincent born 24.12.1955
7: Desmond Wayne born 7.10.1957 

Third Generation (Colin Lewis Angell)

Colin married Mavis Ferguson

1. Barry William
2. Betty
3. Robert

Third Generation (Milton Keith Angell)

Milton married Doreen Brasser

1. Sandra
2. William
3. Roslyn

Milton married Valerie Russell
4. Mark
5. Steven


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