Brian Allan Angell



Brian was born in Broken Hill on 30th July 1947.

Brian was educated in Broken Hill at the Central School and then Broken Hill High School.

During his school years up to 1958 when the family moved to Broken Hill, Brian stayed at the Bush Childrens Hostel in Lane St in order to attend school.

As a teenager he was interested in model planes and built and flew his own models along with a group of his mates. He also made model boats but they were secondary to his passion for model planes.

When he left school he began work at the local P.A.T store in Broken Hill before resigning to take up a position on Binerah Downs station.

It was while working on the station that he was fatally wounded as a result of a shooting accident which occurred on 9th May 1964.

Brian is buried in Broken Hill in the same grave as his father.

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