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Through the help of records on ancestery.com.au I have now been able to compile the family tree and am certain that all the details of descendants are now correct. The family tree of our branch of the Angell family begins with Roger of Angelli in 1460 and it was Roger that dropped the "i" from his name to use only Angell as the given surname.

Welcome to the new look angells-au.com which is a compilation of the history of the Angell family in Australia.

The current descendants page follows the line once in Australia, of William Angell who made Kew in Victoria his home. It also follows the line of our own heritage through John Angell of Unley SA. I also now have quite a bit of information on Charles Angell and feel that it wont be long before I can also add his descendants to this history of the Angells in Australia.

If you have any information on the family members from any of the generations shown in the family tree, I would appreciate a brief "resume" on them so the information can be included on this site thanks. If the family member is still living then I will require written permission to have the "resume" included on this website.

If you, the reader of this site, has any direct connection to any of the names that appear herein and would like to have some details included of your ancestors then please feel free to contact me and I will endeavour to include that information with your assistance and permission. 

Thank you for visiting... Rod Angell (Administrator)

Email: rod@rodneyangell.com

Note:The sixth and seventh generations will be added in the near future.



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